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Serenity Cat Hospital, Inc. welcomes you to our website!

Cat Friendly Practice LogoFeline Practitioners LogoWe would like to tell you what is different about our practice and why you would want to bring your kitty to us for veterinary care.

Paw IconThe companionship of a cat is a joy to be treasured and cared for. We believe  that cats are valued and cherished by their owners, and that owners want high quality Veterinary care.

Paw IconProactive, attentive health care is the key to an optimal quality of life for a cat.

Paw IconCats require consistent, attentive veterinary care, from Kitten hood to their Golden Years, in order to live a long healthy life. We believe that all cats deserve the best possible health care, whether a show cat, family companion or feral cat.

Paw IconA clean, quiet, stress-free environment is paramount to healing and good health, whether in the veterinary facility or the home. We endeavor to provide a haven of peace and solitude for the sick cat, as well as a friendly place for routine health care.

Paw IconOur clients come to us because we love cats as much as they do. We strive to be considerate and understanding in our relationships with the "parents" of our 'Feline children".   We are dedicated to giving exemplary, personal service to our clients, while proving the highest quality feline veterinary care, with kindness, gentleness and a loving touch.

Paw IconWe believe cats deserve kind, compassionate and dignified end-of life care.

Paw IconWe believe cat owners deserve consideration, compassion and understanding. The key to that understanding is communication.  Therefore, we provide every opportunity for the exchange of information, between ourselves and our clients, concerning the health and well being of our feline patients.

Paw IconWe believe that owners should make decisions concerning the health of their cat from a position of knowledge and not from fear, misinformation or confusion.  Our responsibility is to provide current and correct information to help in the ongoing education of our clients.

Paw IconWe strive to practice ethical medicine.  That is only possible with the proper equipment,  staff and facility.  Therefore, ethics make it practical and prudent to produce the necessary means to provide up to date equipment, educated staff and a comfortable and safe facility in the best interests of our patients and ourselves.

Paw IconSerenity Cat Hospital is exclusively feline.  This means that your kitty does not have to deal with the sight, smell or sounds of "other species" (dogs).  It is our goal to make your visit as pleasant and peaceful as we can.   

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Please browse our website to learn more about Serenity Cat Hospital, Inc. and the services we provide for feline companion animals in Bakersfield, CA and the surrounding areas. Read information in our Cat Library, view videos, take a virtual tour of our veterinary hospital, read testimonials, and find details about upcoming events. Please call our office today at (661)837-1228 for all your cat health care needs.

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